About Sue's Jerky

Sue's Jerky is a nitrite and preservative-free jerky snack geared for people pursuing active and healthy lifestyles.  Individually packed and with a choice of 6 delectable flavours of beef and pork jerky, it's a perfect snack alternative for people on the go. Hand-crafted and cut into easy to eat bite-size pieces, take it with you up the slopes, to your next yoga class, or even back to school.



About Sue

Sue first introduced her one-of-a-kind jerky to the world during Expo '86 in Vancouver. Inspired by her travels and family recipes from Southeast Asia, all of Sue's Jerky is hand-prepared in Richmond, British Columbia. Sue's passion for making great jerky comes through from selection of raw materials to preparing the to the perfect tenderness. 

Started in her kitchen in 1985, Sue brings jerky back to the basics: hard work, classic family recipes and quality ingredients. Marinated and dried to perfection, discover Sue’s passion in crafting healthy and delicious jerky.