Why Sue's Jerky?

It's the perfect post-workout snack
The combination of high protein and a little sodium makes our jerky ideal for replenishing your body after a tough workout

Hand-prepared from our family recipes
Sue knows jerky.  With 30 years of experience, our jerky is hand-prepared with quality ingredients and lovingly made with recipes developed in Sue's own kitchen.

Take it to go. Wherever you go
Packaged in personal-size pouches, Sue's Jerky fits right inro your gym bag, your hiking backpack, or your cycling jersey

Bite-sized convenience
No more tearing jerky apart with your teeth and making a mess.  Our bite-size jerky is easy to eat straight from the pouch.

Pieces of jerky with peace of mind
Sue's Jerky is approved under the highest food safety standards, so you can enjoy our jerky even more knowing it's as safe as it is delicious.